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Aishah & MPO: A Symphonic Rendezvous

SAT 6 AUG 2022 8:30PM

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Ahmad Muriz Che Rose, conductor
Datuk Aishah, vocals

The undisputed queen of Malaysian pop joins the MPO in this long-awaited solo concert. Experience Aishah showcasing her legendary powerhouse vocals and performing her beloved tunes that includes “Janji Manismu” and “Camar yang Pulang”.

VARIOUS (arr. ILHAM)  Medley Tiada Duka / Jari-jari Ku Sakit Semua

VARIOUS (arr. LUQMAN)  Medley Menanti / Malam

ADNAN (arr. CHIN)  Kasih Kita

ADAM (arr. CHIN)  Kau Yang Istimewa

S. EFFENDI (arr. MURIZ)  Fatwa Pujangga
VARIOUS (arr. SALONGA)  Medley Never Gave Up / Sensation / Call Me

ADNAN (arr. ILHAM)  Bayangan


VARIOUS (arr. CHUA)  Medley Kisah Pelbagai Cinta – Kasihnya Balqis/ Malar/ Antara Cinta dan Kasih / Cinta Beralih Arah

VARIOUS (arr. AZHAD)  Medley Hening / Hanakage
ROSS (arr. MURIZ)  Kemaafan Dendam Yang Terindah

Arr. ILHAM SUBRI  Kau Pergi Tanpa Pesan

FAUZI (arr. LUQMAN)  Kau Sahabat, Kekasih dan Teman

VARIOUS (arr. SALONGA)  Medley I Feel Love / Don’t Let Me Fall Alone

ERIC (arr. LUQMAN)  All By Myself

AZLINA (arr. AZHAD)  Seloka Rindu

Duration: Approximately 90 mins (with 20 mins intermission)

RM255   RM355   RM455   RM555

Suite: RM455/seat & RM655/seat

*For Meet & Greet tickets (RM888), please contact DFP Box Office.

View & Download Concert Programme


Out of consideration for both audience and artists, children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the concert hall unless otherwise indicated.

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