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Simfoni Mustika M Nasir & MPO

FRI 25 NOV 2022 8:30PM
SAT 26 NOV 2022 8:30PM

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Ahmad Muriz Che Rose, conductor
M. Nasir, vocals

After his concerts with the MPO in 2012, Malaysian legend Dato’ M. Nasir returns to DFP for a mesmerizing evening of his greatest hits, complemented by a velvety backdrop of symphonic music by the MPO.

Medley – Express Rakyat (arr. Chua)

Kau Yang Satu (arr. Luqman)

Bonda (arr. Chua)

Sahabat Gua (arr. Muriz)

Hijab Kekasih (arr. Muriz)

Meniti Titian Usang (arr. Lilian)

Ghazal Untuk Rabiah (arr. Muriz)

Langgam Pak Dogo (arr. Muriz)

20-minutes intermission

Keroncong Untuk Ana (arr. Mokhzani)

Suatu Masa (arr. Mokhzani)

Mustika (arr. Luqman)

Di Jalan Sesat (arr. Ilham)

Phoenix Bangkit Dari Abu (arr. Azhad)

Mentera Semerah Padi (arr. Ruslan)

Medley – Hukum Karma & Pawana (arr. Luqman)

RM255    RM355    RM455    RM555

Suite (per seat)*: RM600    RM650
*Inclusive meet & greet

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Out of consideration for both audience and artists, children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the concert hall unless otherwise indicated.

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