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Aina Abdul Bersama MPO

11 MEI 2024

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Ahmad Muriz Che Rose, konduktor
Aina Abdul, vokal

Orkestra | Simfoni


Out of consideration for both audience and artists, children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the concert hall unless otherwise indicated.


Approximately 90 mins (with a 20 mins intermission). All details are correct at time of publishing.


Nikmati konsert eksklusif yang menampilkan penyanyi sensasi Aina Abdul bersama MPO. Nantikan interpretasi simfoni untuk lagu-lagu popular seperti Semalam, Sumpah dan Terus Hidup membawa legasi muzik tempatan ke tahap yang lebih tinggi. Di bawah pimpinan konduktor Ahmad Muriz Che Rose, sentuhan muzik MPO yang unggul akan mengiringi vokal hebat Aina dan bakal membawa penonton ke ruang muzik yang begitu istimewa di dewan berprestij ini.

An exclusive evening highlighting MPO’s special arrangements of her well-loved numbers, expect elevated interpretations of hits like Semalam, Sumpah and Terus Hidup. Under the conducting of Ahmad Muriz Che Rose, her ballads are given an orchestral lush, her dazzling vocals taking the audience to a celestial musical space. This is Aina Abdul like you’ve never listened to before.

RM255  RM355  RM455  RM555

Suite*: RM600/seat & RM650/seat

*Inclusive light refreshments

 (SOLD OUT) Meet & Greet: Additional RM150 for all categories. Limited to 60 pax only. 


10% off for MyKad holder


15% off for Senior Citizen


Include the code during purchase with a valid ID. All discounts cannot be combined.

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