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Music of Hans Zimmer

THU 26 OCT 2023 8:30PM
FRI 27 OCT 2023 8:30PM
SAT 28 OCT 2023 8:30PM
SUN 29 OCT 2023 3:00PM

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Gerard Salonga, conductor


Out of consideration for both audience and artists, children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the concert hall unless otherwise indicated.

Film composer Hans Zimmer has scored over 150 films and some of the most thrilling soundtracks of the last 30 years! Seamlessly combining electronic elements with symphonic textures to great dramatic effect, his work has garnered two Academy Awards and four Grammys. Don’t miss this selection of powerful and enigmatic hits including themes from Dune, Interstellar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Inception and The Dark Knight.

Featuring music from: 


The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises


The Pacific

Pirates of the Caribbean 


Batman vs Superman


Pearl Harbor

RM228    RM258    RM308    RM318

Suite: RM388/seat & RM498/seat

Suites Kuda Kepang, Ulik Mayang, Sapeh and Rebab – A unique experience from the top of the orchestra and to be closer to our musicians.

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