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Teresa Teng Tribute Concert 70th Anniversary

SAT 15 APR 2023 8:30PM

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Francis Kan, conductor
Chen Jia, vocals



Out of consideration for both audience and artists, children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the concert hall unless otherwise indicated.

With her trademark song “The Moon Represents My Heart” covered by almost every major Mandopop star in the last 30 years, Taiwanese sensation Teresa Teng enjoyed unprecedented popularity in Asia. Her sweet voice and command of several languages made her a cultural icon to diverse audiences, even bridging the political divides of her era. Join the MPO for a special tribute to her life and music, featuring the vocals of Chen Jia.

Longing for the Spring Breeze – 望春风

The Story of A Small Town – 小城故事

So Sweet – 甜蜜蜜

What Do You Have to Say – 你怎么说

Star – 星

Thousands of Words – 千言万语

When Will You Return? – 何日君再来

Spring of the North – 北国之春

I Only Care About You – 我只在乎你

20-mins intermission

Evening Primrose – 夜来香

Unforgettable First Love – 难忘的初恋情人

Lament on Life's Lessons – 浪子心声

The Chimney Smoke Rises Again – 又见炊烟

Boat Song – 船歌

Who Will Love Me? – 谁来爱我

Walk the Road of Life – 漫步人生路

The Moon Represents My Heart – 月亮代表我的心

Good Bye My Love – 再见我的爱人

RM228   RM298   RM458   RM498

Suite seats: RM528/seat & RM568/seat

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